Current Concerns: Dubious Advice on Surviving the Sophomore Year

Should I get a date for homecoming?
Not if you don’t want one. If public asks or corsages aren’t your thing, don’t sweat it! Going with your friends is guaranteed to be fun, and you still have plenty more high school dances to mix it up. However, if fear is stopping you from asking that special someone, we say go for it! Don’t let the potential awkwardness scare you. YOLO!

How much sleep do I really need?
We’ve heard that 6 hours is likely the minimum amount of sleep you should get. However, we do not consistently follow this ourselves. But you should remember that beauty rest is very important. Caffeine only works sometimes, but having candy or gum in your backpack can help you stay awake in emergency situations. Fluorescent lighting is your biggest enemy, and naps on the bus will be your greatest friend. Put yourself and your mental health first – your teachers will understand. Definitely ask for an extension if you need one.

How much should I be worrying about college?
Our only advice: don’t stress out about stressing out, don’t worry about worrying, and don’t think about thinking. If you spend your life just preparing for the next bowling ball to come down the alley, you’ll never knock down any pins. While that metaphor doesn’t make much sense (we’re suffering from extreme sophomore burnout), live life as it comes and don’t worry about the giant shark carrying a grenade launcher around the corner. Who knows, it might be friendly.

Should I hurry up and get my license or wait it out?
Yeah, we say go for it! In fact, sign up with IDriveSmart now in case they’re sold out for months (they are).Warning: the online course may require a Celsius or seven to stay focused. Yay caffeine.

How should I pick my extracurriculars for next year?

  • First, join the Current!
  • If you cannot catch or kick a ball to save your life, we highly recommend cross country, track, and swimming! While they seem like torture (depends on the day) the team cultures are absolutely fantastic and supportive. As a person who both runs XC in the fall and swims in the winter, please consider! I legitimately love them with my entire cold, dark, and miserable heart.
  • Overall, put yourself out there! Try out for that acapella group, sign up for those clubs if you’re not already, or perform at Coffeehouse! Maybe even participate in some underground board game rings if you’re interested (forget what you just read – you heard nothing).

From the writers of Current Concerns to your computer screen, we wish you the best of luck with your sophomore year!

May the odds be ever in your favor.