Potomac Students Explore the Beauty and Humanity of Costa Rica

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  • After kayaking in Laguna de Arenal

  • Manuel Antonio National Park Pictured: Devin Gaines ’24 and Karl Syriani ‘24

  • The group traveled through mountains, winding roads, and even small lakes in 4x4s.

  • In Los Santos, students played soccer with local middle and high school students of Los Santos.

  • In Los Santos, students had fun in the rain while mixing concrete to support surrounding sidewalks and buildings.

  • Potomac students collectively fertilized hundreds of coffee plants in a few hours while doing work led by Green Communities, an organization that aims to “bring sustainable development to the Los Santos region by converting conventional coffee farms into organic ecological coffee farms.” Pictured: Clara Xiao ’24

  • La Bio Fábrica in Dota

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Aria Patnaik, Student Life Editor

On June 14th, a group of 21 rising juniors and seniors in Spanish language classes embarked on a journey to Costa Rica filled with language practice, community service, cultural immersion, and exploration. The trip was led by Spanish teacher Ms. Anamaria Cole, supported by Spanish-speaking chaperones Mr. Jon Pirnia and Ms. Diana Page. During the nine-day visit to San Jose and its environs, students were able to apply their classroom knowledge while soaking up the stunning landscapes of the Central American country. Through dinnertime gossip sessions with the group’s tour guide, long bus rides, and some too-close-for-comfort encounters with nature, the group became strongly bonded by the end of the trip.