For Two Juniors, the Bonfire was a Reminder to Take in the Moment

Despite little bonding time between classes with the freshmen and seniors last year, the bonfire proved that the Potomac community could return stronger even after two unusual school years. The bonfire is a staple Potomac tradition,and with not having the experience of Homecoming last year, the Bonfire was a refreshing reminder of Potomac’s close-knit community.

The ritualistic lighting of the bonfire and loud music brought many grades together, resulting in a positive first gathering after a rocky few years. The lighting of the bonfire is a symbolic tradition, illustrating the beginning of a new academic year. For juniors, it reminded them to value the moments we have together as a community before diving into the college process and approaching their final year at Potomac. Witnessing the seniors experience their last Homecoming weekend gave the bonfire a bittersweet theme and served as a prominent reminder to cherish this year.

Alden Smallwood, a junior at Potomac since kindergarten, remarked how “The bonfire felt nostalgic as it was one of the last traditions I experienced before having to adapt to online learning. This year, the bonfire allowed me to reconnect with friends and be with the entirety of the Upper School outside of stressful school hours.”

Genevieve Harirs, a new junior, said, “The bonfire allowed me to feel fully immersed in the Potomac community. Especially since it was the first Potomac tradition I was a part of, it is a moment I will remember for years to come. The bonfire encompasses the tight-knit community and was a moment for me to connect with my classmates and the Upper School as a whole. As someone who has experienced many different school atmospheres, the Bonfire tradition shows how special the Potomac School community is, and how lucky we are to be a part of it.”