The US Bids a Fond Farewell to Ms. Katherine Proctor

Ms. Proctor will be remembered for her good humor and supportiveness in her many roles at Potomac

The US Bids a Fond Farewell to Ms. Katherine Proctor

Maren McLucas and Aryana Cayton

As the 2022-2023 school year comes to an end, we have to say goodbye to our seniors–and our beloved faculty member, Ms. Katherine Proctor. In her time at Potomac, Ms. Proctor has served as a US math teacher, advisor, grade dean, and volleyball coach. Ms. Proctor is relocating from the Washington area.

During the four years Ms. Proctor has been at Potomac, she formed a strong connection to students in her many roles at the school. As she explained: “I teach a good amount of the Juniors and then I was the Dean for the Sophomores last year, and I’m the Dean for the ninth graders this year, and I coach a lot of the girls who are on Volleyball.” When asked what she would miss most about Potomac, she responded, “Definitely the students. I am very, very close with the seniors, as I advise seniors, so I’m happy that it’s happening in a year that they are graduating, and so I kind of get to graduate with them. When asked about her favorite Potomac memories, Ms. Proctor said one standout was, “When boys Varsity Lacrosse when the MAC last year,” which she described as “one of those picturesque highschool moments that you’ll never forget.” 

The absence of Ms. Proctor will be deeply felt next year. Ms. Proctor’s extremely welcoming and supportive character has had a very positive impact on every grade at Potomac. As one current freshman stated, “She’s been an amazing grade dean and advocate for the freshman class.”