Style@Potomac: A Photo Essay by Aria Patnaik

Aria Patnaik, Student Life Editor

Potomac Upper School students don’t need a fancy boutique or even Amazon to rock their personal style. Inspired by the clothing swap that the new Sustainable Fashion Club orchestrated in April, Aria asked US students  “How would you describe your personal style?”

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  • Karrington Hayes “Very comfy but chic.” Karrington wears a pink top and black leggings (both from Lululemon) with white converse.

  • Ella Lu “I steal a lot of my parents’ clothing.” Ella wears a striped grandpa sweater with khaki colored jeans and maroon Vans.

  • Keyana McLennon “It’s always changing. I don’t know how to describe it, but if I could think about music to describe it with, I’d say Steve Lacey.” Keyana wears flared sweatpants and a white top. Her zipper vest and white bag were thrifted in Boston, and she shamelessly sports Birkenstocks.

  • Lauren Lovallo “I wear a lot of white and black.” Lauren wears black bootcut jeans, a cream sweater and black and white Reebok sneakers.

  • Lina Jaeger “Comfy–or I love going with colors like black–but comfy sweaters a lot of the time.” Lena wears a rose adorned black hoodie from Forever 21 with flannel pants from Etsy.

  • Marshall Lloyd “I just wear what I want to wear, wear what makes me happy, and don’t pay attention to what anyone has to say about it.” Marshall sports an all black look with a hoodie from Zara, Carhartt jacket, and jeans from H&M.

  • Gigi Giebel “That of a person who has a chronic Pinterest addiction.” Gigi wears a comfy looking cream sweater with England’s flag and sweats with gold jewelry.

  • EJ Schneeberg “I just put something on–except when its time to pop out. That’s when I really care.” A huge New England fan, EJ sports a Patriots hoodie with Nike sweatpants and slides.

  • Clay Chapman “Batman probably.” Clay wears a navy Turks and Caicos crew neck, cargo shorts, and Adidas sneakers.

  • Bethel Girma “Laid back..a little comfy mixed with confusing shoes.“ Bethel wears a light sweater thrifted from Goodwill in Boston, jean shorts from Ross, and pink Crocs.

  • “Probably a mix of vintage and also inspiration that I’ve gotten off Pinterest.” Audrey says that the brown jacket she wears is thrifted off of Depop because she doesn’t want to buy leather first hand. Her sweater is from a flea market near her house, and her jeans are from the clothing swap!!! Her sneakers are covered in her own drawn-on spider web design.

  • Sydney Irwin “Whimsical.” Sydney wears a floral top from Potomac’s Nearly New, an army cargo skirt from Garage, and New Balance sneakers.

  • Hala Karim “A mix of street wear and fairy, kind of?” Hala wears a Ralph Lauren sweater with H&M pants and Birkenstocks (with socks)

  • Jack Morgan “Soft boy and indie. I like wearing sweaters and light pastel colors.” Jack wears a thrifted striped sweater with purple jeans from H&M and custom converse with lavender astrology designs.

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