Current Concerns: Our advice columnists give you their take on true love(?) and navigating Potomac

Peyton Zarate and Claire Coker

Dear Current Concerns,
I’ve been getting closer to this friend for a couple of months and I really, really like them. I want to tell them and maybe even ask them out. But, I’m really scared I’m going to ruin our friendship if they don’t feel the same way. Should I just go for it? Or is it better to wait, not complicate our relationship, and see if they ask me out first?

Dear Hoping for Love,
   I say go for it! While expressing your feelings is very scary and vulnerable, you are just being honest with your friend and you’ll never know if they share the same feelings unless you ask. While there are some indirect methods of figuring out whether or not they like you that way (via friends of friends or complicated flirty signals), going directly to the source is always the safest bet when it comes to getting accurate intel.
Another thing to keep in mind is that a rejection, though painful in the moment, doesn’t mean your friendship is over or ruined. Sure, it might be awkward for a bit, but if they value your friendship as much as you do, you both can make it through a rough patch and come out even stronger as friends.
But also, there is an exciting possibility of an awesome relationship that can’t happen unless someone takes the brave first step. You shouldn’t feel pressure to tell them if you’re not ready, but if you feel confident and remember to keep an open mind, then ask them out first, you got this! I’m rooting for you one way or another.

Dear Current Concerns,
As I’m preparing for the notorious junior year, I want to know if taking six advanced courses is wise. I’m thinking about taking Honors English and/or Advanced U.S. History, but I know both are writing intensive. If it comes down to it, which one would you recommend choosing?

Dear Scheduling Sophomore,
   Junior year is tough as I’m sure you’ve heard. You’re already doing a better job than most simply by being aware of that hard reality.
While taking six advanced courses won’t make the hours of hell any shorter, there’s hope; it has been done before. But just because someone else did it, doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you. In fact, you don’t have to take any advanced courses if the cost is your sanity. I’d say it depends on how productive you are with your time or believe you can be next year, especially considering how extracurricular-prone Potomac students are. You don’t need to make the decision without any experience, though. You could try taking six advanced courses at the beginning of the fall semester and always drop if you feel it’s too much.
Several honors courses are definitely lighter than others. Some students even say that they’re easier than their respective regular courses. Honors English and Advanced U.S. History, however, are not a couple of those courses. If you feel you have to choose, you should pick the course that interests you more because you will be dedicating a lot of time to the work, specifically writing.

Dear Current Concerns,
Currently in my PJs wondering how to resist the urge to snooze my alarm right now, knowing I haven’t done my math homework or English reading. Even opening up SparkNotes feels like an insurmountable effort. In other words, how do I fight senioritis? Or do I even try?

Dear Senioritis Sufferer,
Give in.