The Economics of Sustainability: Conversation with Mr. Sol Salinas, Executive Vice President and Sustainability Lead for the Americas at Capgemini



Mr. Sol Salinas talks to corporations and agencies about sustainability–and to our reporter from the Current

Arielle Kouyoumdjian, Multimedia Editor

How do we battle climate change when the task seems monumental and anything we could possibly achieve to be insignificant? How do we confront inertia and indifference in ourselves–and our school?

This podcast is the next episode of a series that has encompassed equity, sustainability and their intersection at Potomac and beyond. My goal is to collect a diversity of perspectives on the subject, and to figure out why our school seems to be doing nothing at all to reduce our carbon footprint–and what we students can do to move the needle.

This episode features a conversation with Mr. Sol Salinas, a global executive vice president and sustainability lead for the Americas at the international technology consulting firm Capgemini. As Mr. Salinas is an expert at promoting sustainability in the business world, I asked him his opinion about the importance of sustainability and how students can make a difference at their own schools.