Armageddon Time Magnificently Evokes a Time and Place in America through the Eyes of a Sixth Grader


Naveen Paddock, Staff Writer

Armageddon Time is a beautifully written movie about a boy named Paul (played by Banks Repeta), who struggles to find his place in Queens in 1980, which is marked by racism, antisemitism, and the pressures imposed by the adults and peers

James Gray, the writer and director, did a spectacular job capturing Paul’s perception of the world and the people around him from the standpoint of a child in a family of immigrants trying to make it in America. As we watch this sixth grader learn and mature throughout the movie, Gray allows the audience’s understanding of Paul’s family and their motivations to develop. Along with the incredible storyline and captivating cinematography, the performances by the overall cast are astounding. Anthony Hopkins, Jeremy Strong, and Anne Hathaway all deliver powerful performances that linger long after the film is over.

There are many layers to this movie, including a commentary on society during the Ronald Reagan era and how it relates to today. Usually movies tend to follow one arc, however James Gray creates an arc for every main character in the movie. Each character changes and grows throughout the movie.

Overall I highly recommend this movie, which does an amazing job of expressing a young boy’s perception and the impact of prejudices on his transition from childhood to manhood.