The Greatest Beer Run Ever Delivers a Refreshing Perspective on the Vietnam War


Naveen Paddock, Staff Writer

The fact that “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” is based on a true story about a slacker who sneaks into the Vietnam war zone to bring beers to his friends is truly incredible. I was fully expecting an all-out crude comedy; however, I was in for something completely different. This movie perfectly tackles various perspectives about the chaos and lies that engulfed the Vietnam War. Zac Efron plays the role of Chickie, a New York drinker who feels guilt for not helping any war efforts. He and his friends are total patriots who see no issues with the Vietnam War or sending American men overseas. 

This view shifts quickly, however, after Chickie takes a boat to Vietnam and experiences the frenzy of war. His goal is to deliver beers to all the guys in his neighborhood that are fighting throughout Vietnam. We follow him through the streets of Saigon and the dense jungles in between. Chickie narrowly escapes death many times and he returns to New York a changed man. 

Not only does this movie give an accurate and entertaining perspective on the war, but it is also acted and shot well. The star-studded cast includes Zac Efron, Russell Crowe, and Bill Murray and they all do a beautiful job of bringing this movie together. With an audience rating of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, I would highly recommend that you watch this movie.

Editor’s note: The Current is pleased to bring you what we hope will be the first of many movie reviews by Naveen Paddock ‘24. Naveen brings the perspective of a working actor to his reviews.