Earth Month brings the return of Potomac’s Farmer’s Market


Clarissa Potter

Cici Miliaras and Kate Gregory enjoying Potomac’s revivied Farmer’s Market.

Alden Smallwood, Arts and Entertainment Editor

On Friday, April 22nd, Potomac’s Students for Environmental Action club (SEA), along with parent and faculty volunteers, helped organize a farmer’s market, a beloved tradition at Potomac and part of Potomac’s celebration of Earth Month. 

In my time in the lower school, I always looked forward to bringing home new plants and fresh vegetables, especially the large carrots. This year, s there were students from all grade levels admiring the many vegetables, all very cheerfully. 

Senior Genevieve Harris noted the “light-hearted excitement from kindergarteners and other lower schoolers” that brightened the mood before exam week, and Bram Halpert appreciated “unique vegetables, such as purple and yellow carrots.” 

Junior Cici Miliaras, co-leader of SEA, works to promote sustainability and educational opportunities both within and outside the Potomac community. She advocates for products created with fewer carbon emissions on her blog called “My Tiny Green Planet.” She explains that she “always looks forward to the farmer’s market, because she enjoys the fresh baked goods” as well as the organic fruits and vegetables.

Senior Olivia Agolini, a co-leader of SEA, hopes Potomac will continue to work toward becoming a more sustainable community. She said that she has noticed a lot more people using ceramic plates over paper boxes for lunch, even if they aren’t eating in the lunchroom and hopes this practice will grow. Additionally, she recommends a cart in the lower crossroads for students and faculty to put their reusable plates and silverware when they are finished eating.