Potomac’s Spring Sports Athletes Take the Field


Potomac Athletes in different spring sports are excited to take the field

Maia Phillips, News Editor

As the spring season begins, most sports teams have begun training for competition. This will be the first full spring season since 2019, so there has been growing anticipation and excitement on campus. Sophomores and juniors have not experienced a full spring season, and the seniors get their last season before graduating.

Track and Field head coach Jason Dwyer is excited about the doubling of track and field athletes from 40 athletes to 80, which will “bring new energy and depth.” This season especially has lots of new athletes with great potential, so he can’t wait to “train up inexperienced athletes to become some of the best in the league if they take the risk and stick to it.”

Senior Evie Kim, captain of the girls track team, is excited for the growing community and atmosphere on the team this year: “I am so grateful to be in an environment with such dedicated runners.” She has set goals for herself and the team this season, committing herself to continue to “encourage the younger athletes to push themselves in workouts and in races so they can end this season feeling like they put in their absolute hardest work.”

Senior Will Kadel, a tennis player, is excited to “be able to play again and have a regular season” and return to a sense of normalcy, since he recognizes that these last two years have been really difficult in every aspect of our lives.

Baseball coach Daniel Wolff is most “excited for no interruptions, where the kids can practice every day, and don’t have to have the fate of not knowing if we’re going to play or not.” The uncertainty and frequency of absences was really tough on baseball, so a “consistent schedule and knowing they will have a full season” is very motivating. With loosening regulations, he hopes “everyone can just relax and get outside to lower some stress and anxiety.”

After a successful short season for the softball team in 2021, in which the team advanced to the finals of the state tournament, senior Yanna Bravewolf is excited for a regular season this year. The anticipation is high, and Yanna says “Coach Loving has put together one of the hardest schedules in Potomac softball history” and also shares her excitement about their spring training trip over break in South Carolina.”

Ms. Claire Berg, girls lacrosse coach, is excited from a coach’s perspective, but more importantly is “most excited for the kids.” She is looking forward to the “great camaraderie with a good mix of players in all grades who are going to contribute.”

Mr. Matt Marriott, coach of the Boy’s Lacrosse team “can’t wait for the first practice.” The athletes have already been “going the extra mile in the weight room” and are “filled with confidence in each other.” He talks about how they are willing to continue “to overcome any adversity in their way.” He looks forward to “seeing the student body out in full force to support Potomac” as they finally have the opportunity to compete again!