The Bachelor is back–and so are we to tell you everything you need to know about the drama.

Genevieve Harris and Alden Smallwood

EPISODE 1: Dropping like Flies
The first episode sets the tone for the season: cringy. To start, Clayton gets brutally rejected by two girls, which is remarkable considering he has only held a five minute conversation with them. After Salley tells Clayton that she is not over her ex-fiancé, he nonetheless presents her with a rose–only to be rejected. Then, Clayton is obliterated by a woman who says she literally hates him. As for the limousine entrances, each one seemed to top the next: women used a large snake, a gold bathtub, and a miniscule motorized truck to try and catch Clayton’s attention.

EPISODE 2: Sha-nae-nae
In the second episode, which mostly doesn’t involve Clayton, drama erupts. In a group date, Cassidy plays the villain when she refuses to play with the children, drops a cake another woman decorated, and pulls Clayton away to the pool to rave about their intense connection and chemistry. (It’s been one week!) On a more positive note, Clayton and Susie set off on their first one-on-one date in a helicopter, a classic Bachelor move. Another group date leads Shanae to tragically demonstrate her “nae-nae.” At the end of the episode, an altercation blows up between Elizabeth and Shanae, with Shanae excoriating Elizabeth for her fake personality and toxic attitude, despite having zero apparent evidence for these accusations.

EPISODE 3: Shrimp Gate
In the third episode, a new frontrunner arises: shrimp. The battle between Elizabeth and Shanae is far from over and has erupted on the basis of uneaten seafood. Cassidy is sent packing after a suspected hometown relationship, and, in classic bachelor fashion, Sarah and Clayton endure an odd one-on-one where they strip down to their underwear and run around LA. How romantic!

EPISODE 4: He said, She said
Although Cassidy was sent packing in week three, the drama continues in week four and Shanae becomes the new reigning villain. Before the cocktail party even starts, Clayton makes the brave choice to pull both Elizabeth and Shanae aside for a far from productive conversation. Genevieve yet again makes the mistake of intervening and finds herself in a yelling match with Shanae. Viewers are left frustrated as Shanae receives the last one-on-one of the night––who’s paying Clayton to do this?!–– sending Elizabeth (and the shrimp) home. Rachel’s one-on-one is a breath of fresh air as everyone fawns over their heartwarming romance.

EPISODE 5: The Roast
Episode 5 includes a ferocious football match, a perfect group date for the petty drama in the house–but the tension doesn’t end there. After Shanae and her smaller team lose in the game, she decides her time with Clayton reigns supreme over the other girls. She interrupts the smaller group date and throws their trophy into the bushes, which, to say the least, makes the other girls unbearably angry. After performing a pseudo-apology, she sends yet another victim of her hatred home. If that’s not enough, the group date is a roast battle, but ironically the girls aren’t roasting each other, instead taking the opportunity to compare Shanae to a herpes outbreak. The episode ends with the proposal of a two-on-one date, which evidently will send either Genevieve or Shanae packing.

EPISODE 6: Age is Just a Number?
Most recently, episode six leaves viewers on the edge of their seats as the two-on-one results are unveiled. Scaley Shanae sheds her alligator tears in Niagara Falls as Clayton finally sees through her mediocre acting skills. Of course, the Bachelor producers move on to a new villain, Mara, who, for some reason, has extreme issues with the younger girls in the house. “Just looking out for Clayton,” she brings what she believes to be critical information to his attention, which only damages her relationship and happens to be false. Sarah receives a second one-on-one, and the house ventures off to Croatia.