“Can’t forget the bev, never, never, never”


Matt Brow

Filling up at the new bev dispensers

Rejoice Potomac students, for your suffering is over. Merriweather-Godsey recently set up beverage machines in the lunch hall. Options range from the tried and true classic lemonade to a pleasantly thirst quenching kiwi-strawberry juice.

I find that mixing cranberry juice and lemonade creates a delectable concoction that pairs well with the pasta we are frequently served. Gone are the days of accompanying my lunch with a boring water, iced tea, or god forbid milk (yuck).

Those subpar choices pushed me into eating lunch sans beverage, leaving me parched going into my next class. These feelings are echoed by my fellow students, including sophomore Alex Mathews, who rapped that he “can’t be caught lackin with no bev.” I wholeheartedly agree, there is no greater shame than eating lunch without a beverage to go with it. Finally, in the immortal words of General Ock, the proprietor of a famous Brooklyn bodega and @rah_money1 on Tiktok, “Can’t forget the bev, never, never, never”