Why are All the Debaters so Jacked?


Clay Socas

Senior debate team captains Samira Abbasi and Isabel Brittin working out with the infamous 2-pound weights.

While many seniors have decided to do basketball, weights and conditioning, or swimming to stay in shape, another winter extracurricular seems to have been ignored for its potential to create your dream body: debate. After Coach Strong and Ms. Woda battled it out about the fitness requirements for debaters, the athletic department instituted a new rule: all debaters who compete for all three seasons of the year must follow a rigorous athletic program.

Beginning October 1st, debate students will walk to Route 123 and back to the Upper School once per week. On another day, they will work with 2-pound weights in Chester gym. The idea is to provide some physical activity while improving lung capacity, muscle memory for hand gestures, and breathing while competing.

Although many would consider breathing and carrying 2-pound weights a lighter athletic workout, this training regimen is notoriously difficult, pushing the debaters to their physical limits. Just last week, senior debater Connor Rooney nearly passed out on the side of Potomac School Road after attempting to walk the half mile trek to Route 123.

According to Connor, “I had just started the debate season, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I thought debate was supposed to be easy compared to Cross Country, but little did I know, the workouts would nearly kill me. Don’t tell anyone, but I plan on faking an ankle sprain to get out of the requirement,” The walk is not the only taxing exercise, as the 2-pound weight workouts have been taking their toll on the debaters as well.

Gym rat Dylan Parry has also taken note of the debaters’ fitness progress, “I thought I was doing everything right. Eating properly, running everyday, and pumping iron.” He then looked at his bicep, smiled, and continued speaking, “However, I was shocked when I saw the debate team with their triceps bulging as they lugged around their 2-pound weights.”

Due to the tremendous success of these workouts, debaters have no doubt that they will be able to compete at a higher level this year. “Last year, I got 2nd place in the state qualifying tournament to NSDA Nationals in Extemporaneous Speaking, but with my new jacked arms and breath control, I have no doubt this year, I’ll win.” Senior Isabel Brittin said.

Clearly, these workouts have been a game changer for the debate team, and this season is sure to bring even more success to the team. So, when preparing for your beach body, instead of trying to max out on your squat or bench, consider picking up some 2-pound weights and walking a half-mile, because this workout will undoubtedly change your life.

Editor’s note: Clay Socas is on the Speech and Debate team. Connor Rooney is also on the team, but participated in a varsity sport in the fall, not debate. Other facts and quotations reflect comedic attempt and should not be considered to represent the views of the students concerned or the Current.