Acaceptance, Potomac’s New A Capella Ensemble, Focuses on Accepting Every Voice


Leela Iyer

Olee Banerjee and Pippa Westland welcome all to Acaceptance

About a month ago, juniors Olee Banerjee and Pippa Westland, hoping to change assumptions about a capella music, created a new a cappella group, Acaceptance, a reference to the Pitch Perfect movie franchise.

The club focuses on the acceptance of everyone, no matter the background. “Music should be something that everyone can participate in, regardless of gender identity, voice type, or where their [vocal] range is,” Olee said.

Acaceptance is geared towards “less rigidity and more flexibility,” Olee explained. Not everyone has to perform at every event and the practices are during school, so it is easier to fit into the busy schedules of Potomac students.

When they were freshmen, Olee and Pippa felt that every a capella group sought singers with a particular vocal range and fit. Feeling disappointed that they did not check all the boxes, both students were somewhat discouraged. In order to improve conditions for others, they aim to create an environment for everyone in Acaceptance to be themselves and have fun as a part of a musical group.

Pippa emphasized the importance of finding “music to fit the voices, not voices to fit the music.” Olee’s ability to arrange music for the club helps further this goal, which means that Acaceptance does not have to reject students who do not have a certain vocal range. Pippa was eager to add that auditions for Acaceptance will be open throughout the entire school year for more students who might still have an interest.