Current Concerns — Too many turkeys

Dear Current Concerns.
I have overbooked myself for Thanksgiving and now have to attend four different feasts! I don’t want to cancel and make any of the hosts feel bad. It’s not so much a matter of the meals overlapping since they’re at different times of day but how to pace myself. How do I magically make my stomach bigger?

Happy Thanksgiving,
Too Many Turkeys

Dear Too Many Turkeys,
While I am no magician, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve that can help you survive Thanksgiving without making anyone feel bad. You could simply eat smaller portions, but I understand if you have relatives that like to pile on the gravy. One tactic I used as a child to get away with eating less vegetables was spreading out the food with my fork. It looked like I ate more than I actually did and got me off the hook from “three more bites,” and it can work for any plate of food. My grandfather used to throw his brussel sprouts in the plants, which could work if you’re eating outside or have a potted plant nearby, but be careful not to get caught.

Happy Turkey Day,
Current Concerns