Current concerns — Help me organize my plate!

Dear Current Concerns,
Thanksgiving is coming all too fast and I can’t wait for the food, but everything absolutely must be separate in order for it to be edible. Every year, I insist that I serve myself so I can properly situate each element in its appropriate and SEPARATE section. But, my parent always beats me to it and manages to get gravy on the turkey, green beans in the mashed potatoes, and the sauces running into each other (*gag*). How can I enjoy Thanksgiving dinner this year?

Separate and Desperate

Dear Separate and Desperate,
I’m sorry for your constant struggle to keep your food segregated. Before I recommend stealing a sectioned off container from the US dining hall, I would try talking to your parent to make this the year you finally take control of the serving fork. Start with your problem and suggest your solution. It also couldn’t hurt to offer up your help in the kitchen or wherever they need it. If that’s too labor intensive, maybe try using some good old paper towels and utensils or even separate dishes altogether. If you want to go the more creative route, you can always use bread walls to soak up the running sauces. Either way, I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving break with food free from contamination.

Good luck,
Current Concerns