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The dreaded muddy sneakers


Dear Current Concerns, 

The white sneakers I wore for homecoming are now trashed and covered in mud. I’m matching the quad! How can I restore them to their spotless glory?

Thank you,

Muddy Air Forces

Dear Muddy Air Forces,

You’re not alone in needing your Potomac-staple white sneakers back in their pristine condition. Assuming you’ve tried the good old-fashioned wet and soapy paper towel, I would try a toothbrush. The bristles can get into the cracks and hard to reach places. Warning though: you could potentially face a double loss if this suggestion doesn’t work, resulting in still muddy sneakers and a gross(er) toothbrush. A slightly more expensive option would be to invest in a sneaker cleaner and put in some elbow grease till they have that brand-new-out-of-the-box look again. If manual labor isn’t your thing, depending on the type of shoe, throwing them in the wash and dryer on low-tumble mode could work just as well.

Best of luck,

Current Concerns

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