Out: Vineyard Vines. In: Something just a little bit “out there”

Layah Nasr, Managing Editor

Men’s fashion at Potomac has been revolutionized since the start of Covid. In the 2019-2020 school year, we saw a consistent fashion choice of khakis with a polo and the occasional champion sweatpant-sweatshirt combo induced by senioritis. Men’s fashion has taken the path of no return this school year. No warning, no announcement, just massive earth-shattering changes. We see outfits ranging from preppy vineyard vine boy to sweatpants and a college T-shirt to streetwear/gym wear chic. Middle parts, rings, and 5-inch shorts are emerging as new men’s fashion trends. But do not fear, some Potomac men still stick to the basics. Below, I will be guiding you through the men at Potomac’s fashion. 

“Panther Pride”

Alex Christ ‘23 was photographed just after history class wearing blue Nike shorts, black tennis shoes, a Potomac hoodie, and a navy blue mask. His striking royal blue shorts in addition to the orange “Potomac” written across his sweatshirt just scream Panther Pride. Additionally, Christ is sporting off the new Potomac School line of masks. A great outfit full of color and Potomac pride to start us off!

“Potomac Basics”

John Djorup ‘21(left) and Ryan Selig ‘21 (right) were shot together on the Upper School Quad. This is a prime example of men’s fashion at Potomac at its best. Ryan is wearing dark peach shorts, a navy Patagonia pullover, and black tennis shoes. John is wearing tan khakis, a blue polo, and white shoes. I am glad to say that senioritis has not affected these two boys’ clothing choices!

“Tkach Thunder”

Mr. Tkach is not only a math expert but a fashion guru as well. His outfit is the perfect mixture of formal and casual. We can see he has chosen to follow a blue color scale for his upper half. The light blue button down provides the perfect backdrop for the dark blue tie to stand out. His shirt is properly tucked in and his tie is tied in a Four-in-Hand knot. The mix of warm and cool tones is a daring choice but Mr. Tkach has proven for it to be a revolutionary fashion step for mankind. The versatility of this ensemble permits him to both attend meetings with fellow teachers and socialize on the Quad.

“College Boys”

Sovan Patnaik ‘23 (left) and Malik Shelton ‘23 (right)are photographed together in the Tiered Classroom. College merchandise has proven to be a staple at Potomac. Sovan is repping the University of California, Berkeley. He has chosen to wear darker shorts to bring out the vibrant yellow “Cal” on his sweatshirt. His once white vans and quirky inside-out nike socks add brightness to his outfit. Malik is repping the University of Maryland. His outfit follows a grey-white color scale that allows the flag printed “Maryland” to stand out. His black Eddie Bauer jacket and black Nike shoes contrast well with his entire ensemble.


Hayes Nolin ‘23 was photographed under the bridge posing with a very enthusiastic two thumbs up. This outfit was by far the edgiest outfit spotted on the Potomac campus since Micheal Sweeney ‘22 wore a ski suit. We can see Nolin chose to stick to a cool color scale with his navy blue vans, plaid button-up, and grey t-shirt. These elements provided the perfect backdrop for his flowing middle part and silver ring to stand out. The incorporation of jewelry in his outfit makes his ensemble even cooler and collected. An announcement to all Potomac men, the bar has been raised!