Even without the parties, this year’s Super Bowl is going to be GREAT


David Boehm, Sports Editor

While this year students at Potomac will not be enjoying Super Bowl parties, the event will still provide competition and great entertainment to us and millions across the planet. In the stadium, there will be  25,000 fans and 30,000 cut out images of fans. Not to mention the halftime show featuring the Weekend, a treat for those who are more interested in the spectacle than the game.

Even though attendance will be largely virtual, this will not stop many football fans from watching their beloved championship.

“I will definitely be watching the game this year not only because it is a family tradition, but because it will be very interesting to see whether experience or raw talent will prove to be the deciding factor. In my opinion, Brady is going to pull out one more miracle,” freshman Jack Graham told us.

This year’s Super Bowl will be headlined by two titans of the sport. Tom Brady will be looking to end a storied career on a high note, while Patrick Mahomes tries to cement his claim as the next potential GOAT. While Tom Brady does seem to be a decisive force on the championship field, boasting an astonishing 6-3 record in Super Bowls, Patrick Mahomes and the overwhelming talent of the Kansas City Chiefs may prove to be too much for him.

“I was happy when these two teams made it to the championship because I know that it will be very entertaining. I believe that the Chiefs will win because they have a stacked offense and are loaded with young talent compared to the veteran Bucs,” freshman Jackson Wiley said.

Many players on the Buccaneers have not only battled injuries and are reaching an age where they are less dynamic and less explosive, such as 43-year-old legend Tom Brady, but their seemingly unstoppable lineup on paper has proven multiple times throughout the season that they may not be more than a handful of star-studded names on a lineup card. Still, who would have thought they would win three playoff games on the road–and now they’re playing before the home crowd, the first time ever in Super Bowl history.

The Chiefs on the other hand were propelled through the playoffs by superstars Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, and of course, former Super Bowl and league MVP Patrick Mahomes.

While the odds do seem to be stacked against Brady, he has manufactured miracles before, and he seems to have more supporters than ever.

”I think the Bucs will win it this year. I used to be a Brady hater because he was on the Patriots but if he can take a whole other team to the Super Bowl, I respect that,” freshman Matt Brow said. 

The betting odds at this writing have the Bucs winning by 3 and, in my opinion, it would be a mockery to Brady’s career to doubt that he could take home the Lombardi trophy one more time. He has always had a knack for pulling through when it matters most, and this year looks like it will test him more than ever before. Even as analysts continuously doubt the Bucs’ ability to keep it a close game, the one thing that Tom Brady in the Super Bowl has always proven is that David can beat Goliath.