Look Alikes Staff Edition

These Potomac lookalikes can barely be told apart!

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  • Rita Moreno has won an Oscar, an Emmy, a Granny, and a Tony, and like Moreno, Cindy Swope has an incredible singing career. She performs in the opera, working as a duo act with her partner Perry.

  • Doug Jones is an American attorney who most people have not heard of, similar to Robert’s legacy and social life at Potomac.

  • According to Jeremy, “Definitely don’t do this, even if she’s on board with it”. Kate exemplifies “an equestrian streak and note, again tongue in cheek, a pony ride that she did in third grade when she didn’t come close to falling off.”

  • Jeremy and Sam both love to reign terror down on their fellow students and listeners with glaring eyeballs and stern looks as well as their intimidating eyebrows. However, Sam the Eagle does not have quite the same experience in litrachure that Jeremy has.

  • Jimmy Neutron is the protagonist of the Nickelodeon Cartoon Show The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. Both share brown hair that always sticks straight up. Neutron is best known for being a scientific prodigy, another trait he shares with Eric Lovallo.

  • Johnny Test is the main character of the Warner Bros TV Show Johnny Test. Johnny Test and Brennan love their unnaturally colored tips as well as their simp lifestyle.

  • Russell Wilson is a professional football player who is currently the starting quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks. Andrew likes to toss the football with Russell Wilson in his backyard but never catches Wilson’s throws with two hands.

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Brennan Kalinowski and Andrew Bernstein