Spring sports zoom calls


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Boys varsity lacrosse enjoy a weekly Zoom call.

Andrew Bernstein, Editor

Even though the sports season has been abruptly cancelled, many teams are still trying to make the best out of the situation at hand by having occasional Zoom team meetings. Depending on the team, there tend to be one to two meetings per week, where the team engages in a variety of activities through the app. 

“For the zoom calls that we’ve had so far, we’ve tried to do things that encourage team bonding and we send each other workouts and take videos of ourselves running,” said junior discus star Bryce Montgomery.

“Now, each time, someone creates a workout and we all do it together on Zoom call. This past Thursday, Ms. Bailey designed a Pilates workout which was super fun,” said junior Haley Smith, member of the varsity lacrosse team.

The baseball team meets two times a week for 30 minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“We joke around a lot and talk about life in quarantine and do things other than baseball, for example, our coach had us draw a cartoon and share it on our call last Tuesday,” said junior baseball player John Murphy.

So far, the spring sport athletes seem to have responded very positively to the zoom meeting platform and are enjoying this sense of camaraderie through the screens. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to talk to others who may not be in the same classes during the school day.

“I like seeing everyone and still having the feeling of a team who supports each other,” said Haley.

“It gives us a chance to remain unified as a team and how we’re not going to let the quarantine tear this team apart. We have all this time on our hands so why not try to improve the team culture,” said Bryce.

“My favorite part is getting to see my teammates because I only get to see a couple of them during classes,” said John,

Although there is no spring season to train for, training with teammates online has proven to be beneficial for student health and morale.

“This is the best situation because it holds us all accountable to our workouts and keeps up together as a team,” said Haley.