What teachers are up to during quarantine


Claire Berg

What are teachers up to during quarantine?

Contrary to popular belief, Potomac faculty and staff don’t live at school. Just like the rest of us, they’re stuck at home with some extra time on their hands. Here are some teachers who wanted to share what their thoughts on quarantine and what they’ve been up to.



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  • Ms. Nightingale’s new Puppy Luna learning a new trick “sit” credit: Anne Nightingale

  • Coach Berg on a hike with her family credit: Claire Berg

  • Mr. MacDonald’s mac and cheese

  • Coach Berg on a bike ride with her kids credit: Claire Berg

  • Mother Bolton’s kittens at home credit: Jeanette Bolton

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Ms. Nightingale


Q: What have you been doing to keep busy?

“Back in November, we signed up to get [our dog, Luna] during spring break, so spring break has been busy with trying to potty train a puppy. My kids named her after Luna Lovegood”

Q: Have you been cooking or eating anything special?

I had to bring Mr. Ritt some books from school, and in return, Mr. Ritt’s wife gave me some sourdough starter, so I’ve been making sourdough bread and playing with how much whole wheat flour you can put in and still eat it.”

Q: How do you feel about the adjustment to online learning?

“It’s pretty hard for the students and it’s pretty hard for the teachers. It’s hard to have the same kind of discussions about books this way, but we’re trying”

Q: What aspects of quarantine and the pandemic have been difficult for you?

“The way lives have been completely uprooted and so many helpless people have suffered and lost everything has been terrible to witness.”



Mr. MacDonald


Q: Has quarantine had any surprising upsides for you?

“It’s given me a lot of time to read and write for grad school, which has been amazing. I’ve been crushing books and articles at a pace I’ve never done before. It’s been enlightening and opened up different avenues of research”

Q: Have you tried any new hobbies?

“I’ve been cooking a lot more. I made mac and cheese from scratch. I was really pumped about that. I don’t normally delve into that area just because I’m not really good at it”

Q: What has time at home made you grateful for?

“With a shortened school day and not having to travel to work or commute to graduate school, I’ve found more time to read. That said, I am fortunate in the sense that I don’t have kids. I cannot imagine how teachers with children are getting by.”



Mother Bolton


Q: Has it been an adjustment to have everyone in your family at home together?

“My two fur kitties can’t quite figure out why I am here.  I’m also taking care of my husband who at times is more like a kid, but that’s okay too.”

Q: Do you miss being at school?

I can’t begin to tell you how much I miss the kids at Potomac and my colleagues.  Potomac is my extended family and each day I am away I am reminded what a special community I belong to.  We are not broken, and we will come through this stronger and much more resilient.”

Q: How are you keeping calm and staying sane in these stressful times?

“I have been keeping busy by staying on a schedule.  I get up in the morning, exercise, shower, get dressed, eat a good breakfast. When I feel closed in, I turn to music and prayer. They are both powerful healers.”



Coach (Ms.) Berg


Q: How have you been balancing home and work life while stuck at home?

“It’s challenging just trying to do both because there is less space, like this morning I had to hide for a faculty meeting. There is so much more activity around the house. The plus side is getting to spend time with our families and getting more time back. Spending time with both kids is not something I would normally be able to do on a school day, so there are some silver linings to this”

Q: How have you been coaching lacrosse from a distance?

“The lacrosse team has been doing workouts twice a week. Yoga, pilates, body weight. It’s kind of nice to have a group of people to hold you working out. It’s easy to not go outside or exercise when you’re spending so much time on your computer.”

Q: What are your favorite quarantine pastimes?

“Hiking, biking, yard work, Netflix, and baking”