The silver lining to quarantine: an opportunity to learn something new


Quarantine provides welcome opportunity to learn something new.

Michelle Ahn, Managing Editor

With the distance learning schedules and extra hours at home, both students and faculty members now have the opportunity to learn new skills and activities which may not have been possible on a typical school day before the coronavirus. 

While being unable to see our classmates and teachers regularly is proving to be a challenging feat, it opens up an opportunity for learning how to keep in touch with close friends and loved ones over long periods of separation. Thanks to modern technology, we are able to text and video call with our friends and peers, which lessens the feeling of isolation as we go through quarantine. Contacting administrators online for help may not feel as comfortable as approaching a teacher in person, but becoming accustomed to finding assistance online is a useful skill that can be very beneficial in the future.

Another skill that we can improve on during our time at home is learning how to work independently. Being able to manage your time on a less structured schedule while satisfying requirements without guidelines or support is an important skill set in college as well as applies to many jobs.Taking responsibility for yourself is a crucial skill to have and can definitely be developed during this time of social distancing.

“Holding yourself accountable and being responsible for all of your work is what helps me stay engaged. Having integrity is really important now and for the future,” said senior Windsor Smith.

Finding outlets and ways to relieve stress is also a part of managing our own schedules. Since we are spending significantly more time on screens, it is important to close our computers and relax every once in a while.

Going on nature walks, baking, or even taking a nap can be therapeutic and beneficial. By using quarantine to its maximum potential and learning how to manage time independently can again, help us tremendously in the future. 

Extra hours at home also allow us to indulge in our hobbies or to take up new ones such as music, art, dancing, design, you name it. 

I find that learning how to digitally design or make websites are especially interesting activities which are also, in this day in age, incredibly useful skills to have in your back pocket. 

Other pastimes such as painting or learning how to play an instrument are also great ways to use this time. (For example, freshman Annabel Cronic decided to use this time to her advantage and is learning how to play the ukulele.)

Though the distance learning schedule and stay-at-home order can seem frustrating or even daunting, our health and well-being should always come first. It is important to get outside every once in a while and to make sure we don’t feel the burdens of isolation. Still, if you find yourself bored with a few extra hours in your hands, it is never a bad idea to learn something new.