The Current’s very helpful last-minute Mother’s Day gift guide


Mina Bahadori

Happy Mother’s Day

Mina Bahadori and Ali O'Brien

For all of you GREAT children out there (who just realized that tomorrow is Mother’s Day), here is your last minute Mother’s Day gift guide~

  1. Homemade coupons that expire in 24 hours (like clean her office, make her breakfast in bed, clean the bathroom, or pick up the dog poop in the backyard that you’ve been pretending you haven’t noticed) 
  2. Take advantage of nature: A dandelion hair crown or a flower bouquet from your yard  would make her day
  3. An original piece of art (some ideas are a hand turkey, mud pinch pot, or whatever you have left over from your 6th grade art portfolio)
  4. Heartfelt card (with a drawing on the cover, bonus if you use color) 
  5. A few minutes of peace far away from you
  6. Double pay because she works twice as hard as pops

Good luck to all the last-minuters out there: Hopefully your mom won’t be too bitterly disappointed!