March 2021 Letter From the Editors

This year, it feels like everything is different, but some things are the same. 

We all wear masks to school, but Señor Shannon still has his trademark mustache. We stay six feet apart, but seniors still gather in the Crossroads. We still watched the fall play, but via Livestream. We still play sports, but don’t have actual matches. And The Current still publishes. 

After 29 years of being Potomac’s student newspaper, the Current is still publishing. Through seven executive election cycles,  9/11, legalizing gay marriage, the Black Lives Matter movement, and now the COVID-19 pandemic that threw the Potomac community, and the world at large, into disarray, The Current has remained the voice of the Potomac community. 

Through a difficult transition last May from being a print-only paper to an online format, The Current still publishes. Through Upper and Underclassmen not being able to be on campus at the same time, making it impossibly difficult to coordinate articles and meetings, the Current still publishes. And now, for the first time in the 2020-21 school year, the Current is publishing a paper edition. 

Because despite all of the change, chaos, and disruptions that have come to our school and the world in the last year, some things need to remain the same. And the Current has. 

So enjoy, and know that after all the change our school goes through, The Current will always be around to report on the news at Potomac and beyond. We hope you enjoy reading the first issue of the Current this year, we enjoyed bringing it to you.

All our best,

Your editors,

Izzy Engel, Billy Marin, Patrick Morris, and Tess Weinreich