Senior captains find the positives in a sports year like no other


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Charlotte Castle ’23 and Tess Weinreich ’21 playing volleyball in the abbreviated fall sports season this spring.

Kate Gregory, Sports Editor

After a whole year without Potomac athletic competition, the fall team captains are eager to lead their teams back onto the playing fields this spring break, starting on March 13th. Although most teams will only play two games, the captains are looking forward to being back with their fall teammates and making the most out of the limited opportunity for interscholastic competition. 

Senior captain Zhané Moledina, who leads the volleyball team alongside co-captain Tess Weinreich, said, “Even though we won’t be competing for much this season, I am still really thankful for the opportunity to have any season at all this year. I’m looking forward to being with the team again and also getting the, nowadays rare opportunity, to interact with more underclassmen.” 

While captains are excited to begin their competition season, the difficulties of virtual school have had an impact on their team chemistry as the under and upperclassmen have shared little time together on campus.

Will Fearey, who leads the boys cross country team along with Blake Arrendell said, “To be honest, there hasn’t been a lot of opportunity to lead this team so far. I would sometimes lead team stretches virtually during the first half of the season, but with so much unknown about each half season that has come our way, I’ve had to focus on the present.”

As the majority of the fall sports captains will be graduating from Potomac this spring, it will soon be the opportunity for the current junior class to guide their teams through the coming season. 

Senior Charlotte Thompson, one of the captains of girls cross country, said,

“I’m confident in the current juniors to lead the team really well next year. They’ve been awesome teammates the past three years. I hope that I can show them that the team is so much more than running and races.”

Looking back, athletes and captains remembered time spent with their fall season teammates, from a big win to a game day bus ride to a team building activity.

Senior captain, Brandon Potts, who leads the football team alongside Elie DeLaVille and Axel Gyllenhoff, said, “My best memories were definitely the locker room after a win. Celebrating with my brothers to whatever is the popular song of the year, there hasn’t been a better football feeling.”

The captains are excited to be back with their teammates and are looking forward to leading competition later this month with the focus on having fun and making their final Potomac fall sports season the best they can be.

Athletic Director Erica Woda, provided her point of view. “Every team needs strong leadership; for our fall pilot competition season, our leadership is more critical than ever. I am incredibly excited to see our fall captains guide their teams through this unprecedented time. After almost a year without competition, we are all eagerly awaiting the return to athletics. I know our captains will lead by example and I also know they will ask for support when they need it,” Coach Woda said.