Students and faculty losing it over very day advisory lunches: Is a Sage – McLean Family Restaurant partnership the answer?


The Class of 2022 is excited for MFR to take over the cafeteria!

From walking up and down the halls to staying indoors during breaks, there are so many things that we’ve been unable to experience at school due to the pandemic. As we all know, the closing of the cafeteria, and with it the absence of Sage dining, has hit the community especially hard. 

“I’ve eaten nothing but salami sandwiches for months now,” sophomore class president Ben Schermeir said. “We need Sage dining back.”

It’s not just that we miss the cafeteria, we dread the alternative: advisory lunches EVERY DAY.

“I just can’t stand it; If I have to eat with my advisory for one more week, I’m gonna lose my marbles,” US math teacher Katherine Proctor said.

The cafeteria, however, will be deserted no longer: in an exciting Sage x MFR collaboration, our administration hopes to bring comfortable dining back to Potomac. After the McLean Family restaurant closed in late 2020, it’s been searching for a new location. Thankfully, Potomac’s vacant cafeteria was perfect, and the new partnership allows us to experiment with a unique fusion of American comfort food and Sage’s beloved delicacies. 

Though it’s hard to say exactly what the collaboration will look like, the administration announced that in addition to new foods, the cafeteria will be remodeled, with inspiration from Guy Fieri’s Kitchen and Bar. Nicholas Tkach is rumored to be the head architect on this project, though he has declined to be  interviewed on the subject. 

While details such as menu items are still under wraps, the community has been bubbling with anticipation.  

“I can’t wait,” US English teacher Jeremy Metz said. “I’m honestly just so thrilled that we can have those cookies again. Besides my mini lessons at Current meetings, they’re the only thing that give my life meaning.”

I’m sure we all share Dr. Metz’s sentiments, but for now, we can only speculate as developments continue.