Hot Takes: April Fools edition!

  1. If a boy’s favorite movie is Wolf of Wall Street, run.
  2. I love you Justin, but Justice is a flop
  3. Justin Bieber likes Selena more than Hailey
  4. I’m not mentally, physically, or emotionally prepared to go to school for three weeks straight.
  5. Forcing us to be outside all the time puts me at risk of sunburn; Potomac should supply free sunscreen.
  6. Did anyone not go to Miami for spring break?
  7. Fall sports season was literally two seconds long.
  8. Potomac should provide golf carts to Spangler; walking there is basically a sports practice.
  9. I’m not ready for the amount of cherry blossom photo shoots I’m about to witness.
  10. 90 second pizza is the best pizza in the DMV. Scratch that- best pizza in the world.
  11. Georgetown Cupcake is not that good.
  12. I’d rather just have you not wear a mask then wear it below your nose.
  13. Squishmallows deserve the hype 
  14. The easter bunny is scary