Prom-posals from afar? An investigation into the Prom season of a year with Covid-19


Incoming executive editor Mina Bahadori’s Homecoming ask freshman year.

Tyler Cameron

As life at Potomac slowly becomes more normal, I am happy to hear that Prom, one of the most iconic events of the school year, will be a reality for this year’s seniors. Though I have never been to the dance myself, some of the most captivating aspects of this grand event are the promposals. Whether they are with a stuffed animal or huge poster hung from the glass bridge, the asks always draw huge crowds and rounds of applause (when successful). The question now is if this tradition can be continued amidst the enforcement of social distancing on campus. Seeing this issue as nothing short of one of the most challenging situations for the seniors, I sought some out to ask their game plans. 

Ryan Selig, famed GPAC author and mediocre soccer goalie, reports that he is planning to ask on horseback. “ I’ve known Kate for a bit and I’m starting to think she might like horses, and I think that it’s gonna work.” While inexperienced on horseback, he says it will also be, “so tuff”, and that it will top all other other asks. He believes that being on horseback will give him the distance to make his ask Covid-safe.

Proud Amherst commit and celebrity chef Matthew Granovsky said, “I plan to ask her on FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype; honestly whatever works.” I asked him who he was referring to and he simply said that his reported girlfriend “Isabel” actually “goes to another school” and that, “I wouldn’t know her.” When I inquired further, he declined to show me pictures (because his phone was “out of battery”), and I was quickly kicked out of his house. 

  Patrick Morris, Division I procrastinator, says, “Nothing will really change for me this year.” When asked why, he reported that a girl has actually never been within six feet of him. 

Andrew Ruggeri, notorious reclasser and junior at the amazing age of 26, says that he is planning on taking a similar approach as Matthew when asking his 16-year-old girlfriend to Prom. When I asked him why he, as a junior, is thinking of attending Prom he responded by saying, “I have been in high school for so many years that I just want to get it over with.” 

Finally the most creative approach was from the innovative Christopher Kang. He is truly embodying the spirit of the CDC and taking social distancing to heart. Not only is he planning on prom-posing at school while wearing a mask and using a sign that can be read from afar, but he will also stay ten feet, and three grades, away from his date. While he didn’t disclose who he would be asking, I sure am jealous of that lucky freshman girl, whoever she might be. 

While this year’s Prom asks will certainly look different, I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of the seniors come up with.