A senior shares how he REALLY feels about junior parking


The Class of 2021

It’s 7:45 am. My eyes snap open as my alarm screeches like a banshee. I go through my daily routine of getting ready and begrudgingly get in my car to drive to school. I make sure to leave at 8:05 to arrive with about 10 minutes to spare before B block. 

Turning right into Evermay I am halted by the never ending traffic that now protrudes out of The Potomac School. I wave to the security guard as I enter school grounds and begin to drive up the hill. At the peak I realize my misfortune. My body goes cold and I aggressively smash my head against my steering wheel. There are two junior cars in front of me. This is not going to be good.

Now you may ask yourself, “Why is that such a bad thing?” Well, simply put, the junior students at Potomac have the parking ability of toddlers. At that moment I realized I would be lucky to make my B block speech class. I prepare myself for the torture that awaits. 

As I descend into the highschool parking lot, I recognize Clay Socas as the first car in front of me. He begins to approach the very first spot in the lot, but quickly stops, gingerly places his car in park, and pulls out his Spotify. A shuffled playlist of Demi Lovato from Camp Rock begins to erupt from his car. I roll down my window and look at him very perplexed. 

“Nothing helps me park more than Demi’s soothing bars and harmonies from Camp Rock,” exclaims the junior Clay. 

Ten minutes and 15 parking attempts later, Clay finally makes it into the oversized parking spot. I advance my car around 15 feet until I’m halted by Andrew Mesa who has curled into a ball in the driver’s seat crying because he is unable to fit his car into a spot. I check the time and realize I have about a minute until I’m late to class. I quickly roll down my window again and yell at him to park the car.  

“It’s impossible, I’ve never faced a bigger challenge in my life,”Andrew says, as more glistening tears roll down his face. 

I hastily leap out of my car and try to convince him to park the vehicle elsewhere. Finally he agrees and I park my car in an open spot and run to my B block. I roll up to class about five minutes late and am written up for tardiness on the spot. 

If only juniors could park.