Not the greatest show on turf 2.0: Super Bowl LV Recap

David Boehm, Sports Editor

Last week, in our Super Bowl preview, The Current predicted that Tom Brady would pull off one last miracle and show that he truly is the GOAT. Brady did just that and won his seventh ring last weekend in a 31-9 blowout. Many Kansas City fans felt underwhelmed by the Chiefs’ performance.

Freshman Ben Runde saw it this way. “I felt unsatisfied with this year’s Super Bowl. I feel like it was just the Brady show and that there wasn’t much excitement after the second quarter,” he said. 

The game got off to an unpromising start for the Chiefs when Tom Brady recorded his first-ever first-quarter touchdown of his ten Super Bowl appearances. The Chiefs, on the other hand, did not have a strong start: it quickly became apparent that the Kansas City team had not come to play. 

Freshman Matt Brow said he “found it shocking that the Chiefs committed 11 penalties, especially because they always seem to be disciplined and incredibly frugal when it comes to giving up yards. They made Brady’s work simple, and if he had produced anything short of a 31-9 blowout, I think people would have been disappointed.” 

The Chiefs were docked 120 yards in penalties —an absurd number for one game. For them to do it in the Super Bowl is even more shocking. To make matters worse, the Chiefs only put up nine points, which is the least they have scored in a game all season. Their offense simply couldn’t seem to get things going, in part because the team was missing four starting offensive linemen. Their absence deflated the Chiefs’ attack and made it nearly impossible for their former MVP quarterback to have any success. In fact, this was the first game of Patrick Mahomes’ career as a starter in which the Chiefs didn’t score a touchdown. To be fair, he was playing through injury, running on a toe that needed surgery.

For Tampa Bay fans (or, more accurately, Brady fans), this year’s Super Bowl was truly remarkable; it brought Brady a number of championships greater than even Michael Jordan can boast. With seven rings under his belt, the world will watch Brady’s career even more intently as he enters uncharted territory next season. 

The Chiefs, too, will be a team to watch next year. They may have let fans down last Sunday, but they should not be counted out of contention for LVI. They still have incredible talent and were ranked 1st on the NFL’s way too “Early NFL Power Rankings.”