Don’t leave these items behind: Students and teachers share their list of must-haves for hybrid learning


Mina Bahadori

Top 10 must-have items for students and teachers in yellow mode.

Ella Adamec, Photography Editor

Wonder what your peers and teachers think about Potomac’s yellow plan? So did I, so I sent out a form that asked Upper School students for their take on Potomac’s latest hybrid model, including their favorite and least favorite parts, and what they miss most about the regular school year. I sent a separate form to faculty members in different divisions to gain their perspectives on facing this abnormal school year. 

The form asked about items that are important to take to school in the morning.  With new routines and Covid-19 guidelines in place, everything looks different this year, including the basic materials you need to be prepared for the school day. Based on feedback from the 24 total respondents (sixteen students and eight faculty members), I compiled a list of must-haves for in-person school in hopes of helping our Potomac community grab that last important item as we rush out the front door. On behalf of all respondents, here is the top ten must-have items for hybrid learning:  


Top 10 Must Haves for Students:

  1. Multiple masks instead of just one
  2. A good attitude
  3. Headphones for listening to music
  4. Their phone
  5. Hand sanitizers
  6. A pencil case for organization
  7. Sweatpants and extra layers
  8. Extra food and snacks for the day, including gum
  9. A water bottle
  10. Chapstick

Top 10 Must-Haves for Teachers:

  1. A coffee mug
  2. Headphones to listen to music
  3. Extra masks for themselves AND their students
  4. Fun masks they either made themselves or enjoy the designs
  5. A tool apron to hold all their necessities
  6. A water bottle
  7. A self-packed lunch
  8. Hand sanitizers and wipes
  9. A face shield for extra protection
  10. A jacket and extra layers

Have we left out an item that you’d like to share? Send it to us at and we’ll update this article.