A prelude to January 6: A plane ride I won’t soon forget

Audrey Lee, Executive Editor

Boarding flight … Denver International to Washington Dulles. Boarding will begin in a few moments.

Deep breaths, I think as I steady myself for the plane ride ahead. Because who likes flying in a tin can 20,000 feet in the air. And flying during a pandemic is definitely not ideal traveling conditions. With an N-95 strapped to my face, I’m still nervous to sit on this fully-packed flight for the next four hours. 

Naturally, I want to get to my seat as soon as possible, so I can sleep to make the flight go by faster. A woman in front of me starts yelling: 

“Go Trump! I’m fighting for my freedom and my president. I love Trump.”

I try to ignore it, but others on my flight jeer in support. I am honestly confused at this point. 

“I’m going to join 75,000 others Americans to fight for what’s right. F*ck the CDC!” 

It didn’t really occur to me what this lady was saying and how her actions would relate to what unfolded on January 6, 2021, a monumental day in American history. All I could think was Wow. Imagine flying all the way to Washington D.C. because you’re mad that your precious president didn’t win. Sucks. 

I could in no way predict how this lady’s words and actions would be mirrored by thousands the following day. 

While many were hoping 2021 would be a fresh start coming out of 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, the insurrection at the Capital did not set a promising tone for our nation. At all. Not only was this a threat to our country’s democracy, but also to our collective safety. We are living amidst a deadly virus that has already claimed over 2 million lives around the world. The selfishness of these rioters to go without masks endangers so many lives in further spreading the virus. What’s even more concerning is not only did many pro-Trump rioters fly in from across the country, they now have boarded planes and returned back to their hometowns, endangering millions more. 

January 6, 2021. A monumental day in our nation’s history. And setting an even scarier look ahead towards how our country will reap the consequences.

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