Hot takes: Opinions so hot your snowmen will melt

Mina Bahadori and Tess Weinreich

  1. People who are bold enough to put 98.5+ as their temperature in the Schoolpass app scare me.
  2. Teachers with funky Zoom backgrounds>>>
  3. Anti-maskers and people who bite into whole Kit Kats have the same energy
  4. I’ve been hangry for SAGE Dining Service’s curried green pea barley soup with carrots since March. Anyone else?
  5. I’m excited for it to become cold so I don’t have to see people again
  6. Fun game to play in Zoom classes: count how many times your teacher yawns. 
  7. Study hall in the wrestling room is elite. Shout out to the fumigating team for making it smell almost normal.
  8. 11:15 is the best lunch time when you eat breakfast at 9:00 
  9. ASMR: watching people eat in class with Zoom microphones on
  10. Can I UberEats donuts from Mr. Rich’s room?
  11. RIP the dress code. Long live “dressing for the weather” in sweatpants and blue jeans.
  12. 250 upperclassmen, 50 parking spaces—this is war.
  13. Is anyone still on straight TikTok?
  14. Among Us is overrated – I’d rather play TI-84 games 
  15. I miss watching Mr. von Glahn jumping around on the upper track in Spangler