Who’s the manliest man? Read on to find out who Tayshia chooses?



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Madelyn Bonadio, Opinion Editor

Welcome back Panther Fans to the third installment of Panthers Will You Accept This Rose. 

We begin episode six with a crucial group date mini-game: who is the manliest man? The challenge consists of math problems, physical fights, and breakfast challenges. Starting very poorly, our Harvard grad, Bennett, gets every single simple math problem wrong (or is this a ploy, a guy dumbing himself down, for a change). Maybe Harvard isn’t my dream school after all… He drops out of the physical fights because of an “injury”. Bennett, please at least try to make it believable next time. At the breakfast making challenge, Chasen takes off his shirt and calls himself the main course, while Bennett serves a very fancy platter of beignets for Tayishia. The loser of the challenge, Ed, receives the title “man-child” along with a baby doll he named Carlos. Shockingly, the winner of the “Grown A$% Man” award was Bennett. After all those fails? I think we need a recount. Chasen’s jealousy causes some serious beef with Bennett. Meanwhile, Ed decides to form an alliance with Bennett, the perfect ingredients for some man drama.

At the cocktail party, the theatrics begin. Ed calls Chasen not only a fraud but also the most hurtful of insults: a phony. Ben and Tayshia are forming a deeper relationship; I think he’s a top contender in the field of men. Meanwhile, Evan also takes large strides in his relationship with T, even blindfolding her and feeding her a strawberry. Chasen and Ed fight like children at recess, throwing around insults like stupid and chicken legs. We all know how these fights end up: with a ticket home. Ed goes to Tayshia with the classic snitch of “Chasen is here for the wrong reasons.” If I were Ed, I would focus on getting to know Tayshia rather than petty drama. He then goes back to tell Chasen smugly that he’s single-handedly ruining his chances with Tayshia, which is then followed with a Tayshia-on-Chasen confrontation. We end the night with Ivan receiving the group date rose.

At the rose ceremony, Ed shares Korean food and photos of his family—how sweet (and sour). To all of our surprise, both Ed and Chasen receive a rose. Personally, I think Ed should’ve been bumped off; he way overdid the small fight.

The next day is another group date; Chasen and Ed were purposefully teamed up to create more drama. It’s a wrestling match and we get a great one-liner from Ed showing off his vast wrestling skill set: “I don’t mean to brag but I was all-conference volleyball in high school.” The boys start fighting with some gusto, but it is finally time for the match between Chasen and Ed. Of course, Ed taps out, so they need a new contestant! Noah volunteers himself, throwing himself into the ring. Colton’s classic hop-the-fence takes on a new form. The match looks aggressive. Chasen wins but Tayshia decides to invite Noah to the rest of the group date anyway.

Tayshia is in her first clashy outfit, but the boys are dressed to impress. Noah takes the first talk, leaving all the boys upset; he wasn’t even originally invited! When he’s gone, Ed makes fun of Noah’s appearance; big talk for the guy who has the same haircut as the boys in my middle school. Thank god we go back to Brendan, my favorite of the bunch, who is falling face-first for Tayshia. More guys get to talk with Tayshia and everything seems to be going smoothly. But apparently, Noah doesn’t know how to take turns or share, because he soon interrupts Jordan and insists on more time with Tayshia. Nobody likes a double-dipper! Noah has brought a razor and it’s time for T to shave the stache off. He looks so different, he’s like a new person. 10/10! They walk back and Ben asks to talk to Tayshia but she says he had his chance. Poor Ben, he didn’t because Noah was hogging! The date rose goes to Noah and of course, everyone is upset—he practically cheated! My distraught feelings were then soothed at the ending of the episode when Brendan recreates his date with Taishya with toy horses; they’re definitely my favorite pair.

See ya next week!