PANTHERS WILL YOU ACCEPT THIS ROSE: A classy exit–read on to find out whose!



Credit: Pixabay

Madelyn Bonadio, Opinion Editor

Welcome back to the fourth installment of Panthers Will You Accept This Rose, Potomac’s best-and-only Bachelorette column. Last week’s episode begins with a musical group date, on which the men compete to write and perform a love song for Tayshia who chooses one winner for a one-on-one date. The stakes are high, but once the men start singing, it’s clear that the talent is low. Although they all are out of tune and lack rhythm, each song and performance is cute in its own way. 

Ivan takes his performance to the next level, however, gallantly pulling Tayshia onto the stage with him and kissing her hand before serenading her, off-key. Like a scene out of A Star is Born, Tayshia invites Ivan to the one-on-one date. 

Veteran Bachelor fans know that in a normal season, one-on-one dates are action-packed, exotic, and above all romantic adventures. Instead of bungee jumping in Portugal, however, Tayshia and Ivan enjoy a COVID-friendly stay-at-home date. They play an ungodly number of family games and eat a comically large ice cream sundae before sitting on a couch together –what a thrill. Soon the date takes a serious turn and we watch Ivan and Tayshia’s emotional discussion of common experiences they’ve had as mixed black-Americans. While they discuss the recent BLM movement, just for a little bit, I feel like I’m watching something real and not a reality TV show. 

The group date the next day is “Tayshia’s Truth or Dare,” which turns out to be just another sad COVID-limited date. The challenges consist of drinking cow-intestine smoothies, eating hot peppers, and having your very own cheeks (not the ones on your face) signed by Chris Harrison. After an especially ~steamy~ talk with Tayshia, Zach wins this group date rose.

That night, Ed and Ben both have the brilliant (if not original) idea to get more time with Tayshia by surprise-visiting her room. Ed arrives first and knocks on the door –only to find Chris Harrison already there! As it turns out, however, Ed made a wrong turn and ended up on the other side of the resort, nowhere near Tayshia’s room. While this kind of mix-up might seem like bad luck, enjoying an evening bonding with Chris sounds way better than exchanging sappy love professions with Tayshia. Ben must have used google maps because he finds Tayshia’s room, no problem. They talk and order room service, discussing past love troubles, which really seems to strengthen their relationship. 

The next night, the cocktail party is a joy to behold. Tayshia has sweet conversations with all the guys and it looked like the night might proceed without any conflict at all. Drama-queen Noah saves the day, though, telling T that the guys are questioning her integrity, as if that were out of the ordinary on this show. Tayshia does not take this criticism well and makes a bold exit. 

Later, at the ceremony, the final rose is given to Ed. Ed? Of all people? No offense, but his only relationship with Tayshia thus far was snitching on other guys. Joe, Chasen, Jordan, and Boy Band Manager Kenny (yes, that’s his full name). They’ll be greatly missed and honestly, I think she’s sending the wrong guys home. Joe leaves in such a classy way, telling Tayshia she has a bunch of great guys, which is so noble. She’s really throwing away treasure. Inspired by Joe’s quick and classy exit, we’ll end this week’s recap of the Bachelorette. Thank you for reading and have a good night!