Ryan’s Declassified Potomac survival guide: Distance-learning edition

Ryan Selig, Opinion Editor

Following a difficult spring semester I realized Potomac students need something of a sherpa to navigate these difficult times. While I may not be a mountain guide, I have had quite a bit of experience here at Potomac. Using previous knowledge, as well as gained experience from the spring, I have developed 5 key tips for the  ULTIMATE Potomac distance learning survival guide.

1. Breakfast is non-negotiable

As Zoom meetings drag on, getting distracted is very easy, and if you are hungry, there is no chance you can pay proper attention. Be sure to eat a hearty breakfast or a S’Mores pop tart. (For me there really is no in-between)

2. Take advantage of your break time

Sitting in front of a computer all day is far from healthy. Try to get active when you can and spend some time outdoors. Your body and mental health will thank you.

3. Remove distractions

As a fellow Gen Z kid I understand how easy it is to zone off into your phone. So many great time-wasting apps with countless hours of entertainment. However, try to limit yourself during class. The only way distance learning works is if we buy-in as a collective.

4. Find time to joke around with friends

Distance learning doesn’t provide a lot of space to simply be a teenager in high school. Try to maintain contact with your peers for little things like jokes or funny observations. It will help you stay connected with the Potomac community at large.

5. Work with your teachers

The truth is they don’t like this situation any more than you do. They became teachers to engage with students, not lecture them through screens. Simply try to follow their lesson plans but also let them know what is or isn’t working for you. 

Distance learning may not be how we hoped this year would start, but it is important for us to make the best out of it. I hope these tips and tricks help you all as you start the 2020-2021 school year!