Panther pack welcomes its furriest members: Quarantine pets

Annabel Cronic and Cici Miliaras

Dr. Secondi, Upper School Economics Teacher:

“I actually planned for about a year to get a puppy, and I did a lot of research about what breed to get. I wanted to get her during summer 2020 even before the pandemic so I could spend as much time with her as possible while she is young. Her name is Peggy, and she is a six month old Bernese Mountain dog!”



Zhane Moledina ’21:

“My mom and I have wanted our own dog ever since our old dog passed away a couple of years ago. My mom takes care of dogs for a living, so we thought it was about time we got our own puppy! Her name is Tofu, because my mom and I are both vegetarians, and she is a bernedoodle!”



Helena Hunter ’22:

“We got our puppy during quarantine because our whole family could be with her as she grew up. She is a golden-retriever and her name is Cleo!”




Patrick Wolff ’23:

“Our quarantine dog is Pamplemousse, a five and a half month old Bernedoodle. My sister named her after the La Croix flavor, which she thought was a funny name. We figured it was the best time to raise a puppy because we would be home all the time and be available to train and watch her.”



Izzy Engel ’21:  

“After years of begging for a dog, my family finally agreed to get a quarantine-puppy. Greeley is our 18 week old teacup malti-poo! He’s a super friendly pup and has been the best addition to our family!”



Axel Gylenhoff ’21:

“We had planned to get Bruno (our English Chocolate Lab) much before Covid-19 hit and picked him up about a month before quarantine started. We had super lucky timing because my sister is a 3rd year at UVA and had time to get to know Bruno while she was at home!”



Layah Nasr ’23: 

“I wanted to get them because I had wanted cats for a long time and didn’t really have anything to do at home because of quarantine. They occupied my time! The black one is named Mooshu and he is a tuxedo colored domestic shorthair cat. Mika is the grey kitten and she is a tuxedo colored tabby.”



Mr. Hyde, Upper School History Teacher: 

“Our kids ganged up on us and ‘strongly encouraged’ us to get a dog. We eventually gave into the pressure and brought Milo home on May 15th. He’s a 5 and a half month old Australian Shepherd!”