What teachers are up to during quarantine (continued)

Mina Bahadori, Executive Editor

If you haven’t seen the first article in this series, please go check it out!

Now that you’re back, here are a few more faculty members and their favorite quarantine-pastimes.

Mr. Peery

Q: Do you have a favorite quarantine activity (or snack?)

“I’ve been eating glazed donuts, sitting in my chair in the basement. It’s not a donut if there are sprinkles on it”

Q: Has being more isolated been difficult?

“I’m pretty comfortable, I am so blessed to have housing, I have a job that continues to pay me a paycheck, I have plenty of food and toilet paper, my wife likes me, so we’re not constantly at a battle with each other. It’s not hard to stay away from people because I’m kind of a loner.”

Q: What do you miss about normal life?

“I miss my hobbies, like hiking and fishing. I guess I also miss exercising, I never thought I would say that.”

Mr. Bartlett

Q: How have you been spending time with your family?

“My two sons and I have been doing a lot of backyard catch with baseballs and kicking around soccer balls. If we were in school that wouldn’t happen nearly as much, so those are nice things to be able to do.”

Q: You’re known in the high school for having hiked the Appalachian Trail. Any advice on how to manage navigate a situation where you’re away from friends/removed from normal life?

“To take things one step at a time. If you learn to do it one day at a time, one step at a time, you can do some amazing things”

Mme. Searchinger

Q: What have you been doing with your freed-up time?

“I’ve been gardening, I’m not known for having a green thumb, but we’ve had such a spectacular spring that I’ve really enjoyed being in my garden. It’s never looked as beautiful.”

Q: How have you remained active while social distancing?

“I’ve been taking yoga classes on zoom with a former Potomac student who now lives in Tel Aviv”

Q: Outside of class, have you used zoom for social purposes?

“I had a big birthday at the end of March. My husband and kids organized a surprise Zoom birthday. The surprise part was an interesting development because they had to tell me at least 30 minutes before that I was going to have about 60 people attending, so I could actually dress up for the occasion. It was lovely, because it was friends from around the world. It was better than it would have been in real life because I was able to connect with people who wouldn’t have been able to attend”