What spring sports mean to seniors


Potomac SmugMug

Girls Varsity Softball Seniors pictured with ISL AA Champion Banner

Although Potomac takes great pride in their academics and the brightness of their students, what some people fail to realize is just how important sports are to many individuals. Many people have been playing sports from as young as three or four years old and when you play a sport for that long, it becomes a part of who you are and shapes your character. For our Potomac seniors who play a spring sport, they are devastated that they will never be able to put on a Potomac School jersey again, walk out onto the fresh cut grass on Gumtree, or bring home a MAC banner.

“Softball has been such a constant in my life, so it’s really weird to have something that was a part of my life for so long be over so quickly. Softball has been so important to my development as a person and team player so seeing it end without any real closure is a lot to grapple with,” said senior softball player Hope Donovan.

Many seniors have been preparing for their last spring season since last May. Whether it be lifting weights or batting practice during the frigid winter temperatures, athletes will sadly be unable to see their hard work pay off. 

“It is really unfortunate as this year I thought we had a real good shot at winning the MAC and States. I thought this year we had something special where we clicked as a team automatically, and it’s unfortunate that the special thing that we had is over just like that,” said senior baseball captain Michael Djorup. 

Sports are much more than a game. They are one of the few things that can bring an entire community together. A community wide event that is so rare to find during this pandemic. 

“What I love most about sports is that it brings the community together. We try really hard, and SAC does a great job at this, to bring our community together around athletics. Sports just have a way to bring everyone together on a beautiful Homecoming Saturday or a winter weekend, and it is a fabulous way to meet people,” said Boy’s athletic director Rob Lee.

Potomac is a relatively small school and with an athletic requirement, sports are part of nearly everyone’s lives. With a small student body, each individual student-athlete truly has the power to make an impact on the field. 

“At Potomac when two or three kids choose to play, it has a major impact on the season and the team as a whole,” said Coach Lee. 

What seniors will miss more than the MAC Championships or the State banners, however, are their teammates and coaches, some of whom have been playing alongside each other since 7th grade.

“Potomac sports has provided me with a brotherhood and family where I can connect with my teammates and coaches and feel comfortable with them at all times. Coaches, players, and everyone in between here always make a conscious effort to bring everyone together. That is something I hadn’t experienced before Potomac and something that I really appreciate,” said senior lacrosse player Qye Woodard. 

“I know this is cliche but teammates really are your brothers. There is a certain bond and certain automatic friendship that you have with everyone on the team, and I think that is what is really special about sports,” said Michael.

Teammates are truly what makes sports great. The bonds developed over four years are so unique and special. While you may or may not remember the scores of the games you won and lost, you will remember the teammates that you were playing on the field with.

Your teammates are going to be in your wedding, and in hopefully every big family event you have for the rest of your life. They mean everything to you because we share the great highs but also the great lows and when you have those, you remember them and you bond like nothing else,” said Coach Lee.

Sports are often something we take for granted. That is until it is taken away from us. This was a harsh reminder to how important sports are to each and everyone of us, and how those lucky enough to have another season should treasure it. 

“Play every game like it’s your last. We didn’t know this year which game would be our last and so we truly fought every game to the end. Everyone now knows that feeling of playing the last game of the season. I would encourage people next year to take that feeling, and use it to motivate you to play every game like it is your last,” said Michael. 

“I would tell juniors and underclassmen playing sports to really enjoy being with your team more than anything because that’s what you’ll remember. Don’t take the difficult losses or screw-ups too hard because at the end of the day you won’t remember them. Trust me, you’ll really regret not making time for and putting in the effort to bond with your teammates and value the time you have with them,” said Hope.

When sports are finally able to resume, take full advantage of them and appreciate the limited moments you have with your teammates and the Potomac community. Go out to support your friends on the basketball team or show your school spirit by coming to a weekend football game. Give it your all at every practice and game. Potomac sports has a unique ability to bring an entire community together and, as the seniors have reiterated, create life-long bonds and memories. You, however, only get four years of it, so make the most out of your blessed time.