Potomac students pictured in the Spangler weight room.

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Potomac students pictured in the Spangler weight room.

How to stay in shape during COVID-19

Without Potomac Athletics and outside of school clubs and sports teams, you may find yourself unsure of how to stay in shape during quarantine. With the beautiful spring weather ahead and the bountiful amount of free time, now is a perfect time to stay fit and feel your best.

“I really don’t want to waste this time, I want to use it to get better,” said junior baseball player John Murphy.

During this break, it is a great chance to explore different options and find what you like best. There are many different ways to stay active ranging from running sprints to a fun game of Spikeball with a family member.  There are also many helpful apps and videos that will help you push yourself such as the popular Chloe Ting 2 Week Ab-Shred Challenge or The Nike Run Club app.  

“I have been going on some long distance runs, some shorter runs and I’ve been using the Nike Run Club app to track my mile time to make sure I’m getting faster,” said freshman lacrosse player Kate Motley.

 After finding what you like to do and what will challenge you it is then important to make a routine to keep yourself accountable and organized. A solid routine may take some time to find but it is very important to your success.  Once the routine is established it’s important to set goals to challenge yourself.

During quarantine it may be hard to turn off the Netflix or take a break from screens to get outside, but motivation is a key part of staying in shape. 

“The only thing that keeps me motivated is my friends and I keeping each other accountable” said freshman Sienna Staver.

Potomac spring sports teams are also helping each other stay motivated by working out together over Zoom or just staying connected which is a great way to keep going and push yourself.

“The varsity girls lacrosse team pledged to run 3 million yards from April 3rd to May 3rd to support the One Love Foundation, so that is the main thing keeping me motivated to go on runs and walks each day,” said senior lacrosse player Annika Richardson. 

Although running and strength training are great ways to stay in shape; just getting outside in the beautiful spring weather and going for a walk or hike with your family are fun and easy ways to stay active.

“Even though we are not physically together, I think exercise and just being outside is a way to bring us together,” said Kate Motley.

So just get outside, be active and push yourself to stay fit and healthy.

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